In our archives, we hold more than 15.000 different items of the history between about 1860 up to today. Some hundred objects are even older. All items are genuine from the time, they represent.

Please understand, that we do not rent out items to private persons, but only to scientific institutes, to museums, to photographers and to the commercial movie-industry.
Even there is the restriction that we can rely, there is no risque of damage, loss or theft, as we want to preserve the items for the coming generations as samples for human creativity and doing.
But we offer to produce copies of our genuine items, to cover the needs of filmmaking.
In this case, the mentioned prices are not relevant, but our actual producing costs.

As the risques, being bound to the kinds of use, differs, we equalise this by different rental-periods for different usings:

price is valid for movie-making per day of use
for photographing per project
for museums and other scientific institutes per month

We also produce e-photos or scans with a solution of 600x600pci, which we send by email to any serious demand. For this we charge 8,- Euros per picture, which must be paid in advance to our German bank-account or to our international paypal account. Pictures with higher resulotion on request.

Within the objects and documents, there are items of the Third Reich and in connection to all German Organisations of that time. With this objects or copies of it, we do only supply intentions and projects, which are in no doubt not supplying or carrying the ideas and political aims of this time and thinking.

The items of this database are about the third part of all we have. So if You do not find, what you are looking for, be free, to contact us. We still may have it.
Otherwise can we often find the wanted for you.

All prices are subject to VAT, unless they are exported.

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